From bars to building sites, there is nothing we cannot clean….

At JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd we offer a wide range of services; from one-off Builders’ Cleans on construction sites and new builds, to the daily maintenance cleaning of a business. Our on-going regular cleaning programme also includes the use of our Maintenance Team to complement the daily cleaning of premises. Our maintenance team are fully equipped to perform more specific cleaning requirements on top of our team’s daily cleaning routine. This additional service helps ensure your venue’s appearance and facilities remain looking good as new and prevent any costly refurbishments to be carried out.

The combination of our cleaning industry experience, alongside the use of new, innovate specialist products, ensures that we provide a high quality and specialist cleaning service. Each client we work with is different and we offer a bespoke cleaning programme for each customer’s premises. JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd will ensure that each client receives professional cleaning services that will enable them to maintain a clean, presentable and professional atmosphere day after day – that is a guarantee for all clients.