JCS Cleaning (NW) Expand Across the Pennines

Originally published for Bdaily.

JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd may have to look at changing their name if their expansion across the country continues. The Liverpool based commercial cleaning company has spent the last year expanding over the North West, mainly Manchester and surrounding areas, and have now crossed the Pennines; gaining their first clients in Leeds this past month.

“The NW in our name does stand for North West; we clearly didn’t expect to expand across the country so rapidly,“ JCS’s Business Development Manager Zoe revealed. “It’s fantastic though – we just seem to be developing faster and faster which is always welcome.“

Since becoming established as one of the region’s leading commercial cleaning companies in Liverpool, with clients such as San Carlo, Panoramic 34 and Gusto, JCS Cleaning NW Ltd quickly travelled across to Manchester; picking up business in the hospitality industry across the city. This week saw them start work in Yorkshire, with the Bierkeller Leeds; their third venue from the popular Bavarian bar chain.

“It was natural that we would eventually work with The Bierkeller in Leeds, given that we already clean their Liverpool and Manchester sites and have a great relationship with them,“ Zoe went on to tell us. “This is a case for many of our hospitality clients; bars and restaurants tend to expand via the three cities – for example, when Fazenda, one of our Liverpool clients, opened a new restaurant in Manchester last month we naturally went with them.“

The Merseyside based firm may have only just started expanding across the north but they have nothing to worry about when it comes to competing with national chains – according to statistics, JCS Cleaning stands as one of the top 4% cleaning companies in the country.

“Obviously it’s sometimes quite hard to compete with huge corporations,“ Zoe confessed. “But we’re doing pretty well to be honest. We’ve certainly got a monopoly in the hospitality industry across the region; but not just that, we work with the likes of the NHS, offices, school and major construction companies. The busier we get, the easier it gets.“

JCS Cleaning (NW) Expand Across the Pennines
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